she love me for my drive, i love her cause she drive me crazy

"To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else."
- David A. Bednar (via fuckyeahsexanddrugs)

The Man I Wish To Be

Everyone expects to head into high school and have the best four years of there life. When in reality it’s the dreadful days that’s mature you into the person you are when you walk up that stage and receive your diploma. I thank God everyday for the hardships he has put me through, because without that I am no one.
I started my freshman year with still fresh devastating life experience, the loss of my father. I was just about to graduate right grade when this unexpected situations found it’s way upon my lap. My father was forty five and I thirteen. I was old enough to understand but far from old enough to deal with the emotional trama. My mother, who was thirty six with three kids and newly widowed, was effected the most. I realized quickly it was time to grow up and be the man my father raised me to be.
I went from having it all to having nothing and seeming to have no one. The day I started high school I promised myself to make a name for not only myself but for my father. From that day on I did and continue to do everything in name of him. I told my mother I would make it to college and be someone in this life. Here we are thirteen days from graduation and I am a future Stanislaus State Warrior and I could not be more proud. To that I thank high school and it’s rough times, which made me hungry to succeed.
Throughout high school you meet new people and squire new friends along the way. These friends, seemingly, to have your best interest at hand, never do. The only person you can count on to always have your back is yourself and of course your woman for life, momma. I find myself to be very independent four years into high school and that is due to the fact that I know I can only rely on myself to get to where I want to be. Helping hands are great but at some point the training wheels need to come off and what better time than the closure of your high school years.
High school relationships… What a joke. While in high school you may think you “found the one”, you haven’t. I spent my junior year in what was believed to be “love”. Little did I know I still had not become the man I thought I was. I continued to grow into a young man and soon grew out of a relationship. Girls are lovely, drive you crazy while keeping you sane, but lesson learned, don’t take a high school relationship for more than what it is. They’re a learning experience and let’s keep it that way. My relationship helped me tremendously, took me to a point where my priorities changed. I no longer had time or interest to invest in a relationship. I needed to do things for myself and not for “us”. If you graduate the same person as you freshman year than you did something wrong.
I took it upon myself to be a student athlete and juggle a full time job at the same time. I’ll admit at times I’d break down and convince myself my plate was too full, but looking back now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I now work thirty five plus hours a week while maintaining a three point seven grade point average. I can’t comprehend how some of my peers can’t manage to maintain a C average while juggling nothing. ” School isn’t for everyone” is nothing more than an accuse, false hope for ones self. It’s all about will power and the ambition to succeed.
As I look back on my high school career I can proudly say I regret nothing. From the blessings to the hardships, I look forward to receiving my diploma to add to the growing pile of accomplishments. Not many of my peers can say that, I blame that on not being able to let the little things go and growing up. A selected few of this graduating class will make a name for themselves after high school and I hope to be in that group. Two absent graduations later I hope to make my father a proud man for I know he is above watching. To the class of twenty fourteen stay humble, count your blessings, and pay tribute to all the hardships you’ve ever experienced, big or small, they all matter.